Greater Purpose Solutions provides comprehensive consultation on the following needs of your non-profit organization:

Interim leadership – Keeping continuity during a transition is key to the success of your non-profit. Michael Frohm is a seasoned and successful leader who can step in as an Executive Director, CEO, or COO, help improve operations, and assist in the search for a new permanent executive.

Outsourced COO Services– While you may not be able to afford a full-time position, a part-time COO can help make sure that your operational issues are handled effectively and be a sounding board for strategy and growth. It allows the Executive Director or CEO to focus on mission programs, fundraising, and relationships while the COO focuses on processes, organizational structure, compliance, and efficiency. Having a seasoned, successful COO as a partner, even on a part-time basis, can be a huge benefit to an organization.  

Strategic and Operational Planning – Success starts with a solid plan. GPS can assist your non-profit to develop focused strategic and annual operating plans. If you need help in creating a compelling mission, vision, and values proposition, budgeting, resource allocations, or program planning, GPS is here for you.

Organizational Structure/Staff Development – Do you have the right people, in the right place, doing the right thing? GPS can review your organizational and leadership structure and make recommendations on how to make it more effective and efficient. GPS can also help develop training to assist in the development of your team.

HR Functions – Do you have the right systems for recruiting, evaluating, and developing talent? Do you need help inculcating your core values throughout the organization? GPS can help develop the systems you need to attract and retain talent, be compliant, and develop a strong culture.

Infrastructure – How effective are your IT and communication systems, finance systems, and other infrastructure components? GPS can help review and recommend solutions to make your operations run more effectively.

Insurance – Are you getting the most from your insurance carriers? GPS can work with your team to evaluate options in Health plans, Workman’s Compensation, and General Liability.

Succession Planning – A healthy organization invests in the future. GPS can help your team determine and develop tomorrow’s leaders and identify gaps to be filled.

Risk Management Planning – A clear understanding of the risks you face and the strategies to overcome them is like having a security blanket. While you can’t foresee every possible obstacle, understanding how to handle the majority of them when they arise gives you the upper hand when they do. GPS can help you assess those risks and develop mitigation strategies.

Board Relations – A good board can be a blessing to a non-profit and a dysfunctional board can be a curse. GPS can help you develop a strategy to cultivate and develop a solid board that understands their role, brings best practices to your attention, and helps keep you on track.